Jen Initiative for Integrity and Development


JIID initiates and supports actions that promote digitization of processes that aim to improve socio-economic conditions of people. We are increasingly interested in providing access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to disadvantaged groups. We are working to ensure that ICT services are available to all. JIID is mindful of the low levels of access to technologies among disadvantaged groups, which is largely attributed to poverty, illiteracy, lack of computer literacy and language barriers.  

In the same vein, we understand the gender imbalance in access to digital services, recognizing that women and girls are marginally excluded in ICT development, knowledge and application especially in developing countries with limited access to internet services and basic ICT infrastructures further hinders them. Most poor women in developing countries are further deprived of access to ICT services than their male counterparts, even though their ICT needs are the same.  We recognize that access to ICT can enable women and men to gain a stronger voice in their communities, their Government and at the global level, hence our commitment to improving quality of lives through access to ICT for all.