Jen Initiative for Integrity and Development


Our team of dedicated professionals work to deliver on our collective objectives by imbibing the following core values


In JIID, we are especially concerned about the sustainability of all of our projects or actions, this is visible during project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation phases. Right from the start of any action, we are already thinking about what happens when our resources are exhausted or donors funding is gone. Our sustainably approach understands the critical role that beneficiaries play in project sustainability, thus we promote ownership of processes by benefiting group through involving them in all aspect of project design and implementation


We are a team oriented organization, we believe in working collectively within enabling environments in order to reach our Goals. We value solutions that are collectively reach, mutually reinforcing and acceptable. We see JIID as a microcosm of the change want to see in the larger society. We have a shared vision of integrated development for all citizens, we respect and welcome diversity in cultures, beliefs and background. In JIID, we believe our differences only makes us stronger together and better strengthened to deliver on our set goals


JIID is founded on the value of transparency in our internal governance processes and systems. We operate a ‘four eye principle’, which ensures judicious use of organizational resources, and respect for donors funds. We believe in being the change we want to see in the society and we work to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence in us as an organization. We encourage transparent decision-making processes, accountable and inclusive leadership