Jen Initiative for Integrity and Development


We are a development-focused organization with strategic interest in the following thematic areas;

Community Development

our community development approach focuses on bringing together various community actors, vulnerable groups, women and men of different ages and socio-economic background at the ward level to plan for their communities’ development through a participatory bottom-up planning process. Through the participatory bottom-up planning approach and the joint definition of a long-term development perspective, the process aims at bridging the gap between local authorities and the people and rebuild trust between government actors and the communities. Our community development approach is bed rocked on our belief that people driven development is more sustainable

Peace Building

JIID focuses on sustainable long-term peace building, we understand peacebuilding to be efforts by diverse actors in government and civil society to address root causes of violence and protect civilians before, during, and after violent conflict. Thus, our peacebuilding approach includes the use of communication, negotiation and mediation instead of hostility and violence to resolve conflicts. We works with key actors in conflict, understanding positions and interests. Ultimately, we assist parties in conflict to identify common interests and reach mutually enforceable resolution to conflicts. Our highly skilled peace building experts, use their skills to negotiate acceptable compromise among belligerents, ensuring positive peace, which is a precursor to development and social cohesion


JIID governance approach encourages the integration of citizens and civil society organizations into governance processes. We work toward improving the capacity of governance institutions and agencies, in order to improve the quality of service delivered to citizens and communities. We work to create linkages among government institutions, civil society organizations and the citizenry. This is aimed at improving governance systems and ensure that service delivered, reflects the realities of ordinary citizens. Our governance approach encourages active citizens participation in governance processes, we breakdown governance polices and processes to basic level so that citizens (literate and non-literate) understand enough, in order to participate actively, while able to hold government accountable to their mandates